Purley Pre-School

Reminders for Parents

What does my child need to bring each day?

  • A named water bottle
  • Lunch (if they’re staying for lunch club). Please remember to cut small fruit such as grapes and tomatoes in half to prevent choking.
  • A change of clothes including spare nappies and pull-ups if needed.
  • Please bring back your library book when you are ready for a new one. We will help your child choose a new one during session.

Clothing and Footwear
Please remember to send in spare clothing for your children, as they often get wet when playing with water, from going outside or from the occasional accident.

Part of the children’s experience at Pre-School is learning to put on coats and shoes by themselves, we would therefore appreciate it if you could check whether the shoes they are wearing are ones that slip on easily, so that children can put them on by themselves (or try to), even if they need further help with doing them up.

Order your name tags
My NametagsGo to My Nametags to order nametags, and help us raise funds


Allergens and Intolerances
We are now required by law to inform parents/carers of the allergens contained in the food we give the children at snack time and which are used as part of our activities. All keypersons are up to date with this change, so, if you require, please speak to your child’s keyperson about your child’s dietary needs and to find out about any allergens contained in the food we serve.

Closure of Pre-School due to Snow or other event
Snow has begun to make an appearance on the weather reports, albeit in Scotland, and a few recent light dustings locally. However, if more snow should make it further south, we will do our best to remain open and the following procedures will be taken:-

A decision, as to whether to close, will be taken by the chair and supervisor by 8.00am

In the case of closure a notice to that effect will be put on the Pre-School website and on Facebook.

Local Berkshire radio read out regular lists of school closures and list them on their website.

All parents will be contacted by email. Please can you ensure we have up to date email addresses.

The school will be contactable on the usual number 07504 831149, however, we would appreciate if you did not call before 8.00am.