Guiding principles

We continue to monitor the situation closely and ask that all families always follow the official advice regarding testing and self-isolation. As Covid-19 becomes a virus we learn to live with, there is now an imperative to reduce the disruption to children’s education – particularly given that the direct clinical risks to children are extremely low. If you have any questions in addition to the information provided here, please speak to a member of staff at pre-school.

It is important Staff and children’s families follow Government advice with regard to regular testing (Lateral Flow) and PCR testing if they become ill with coronavirus symptoms, as should members of their household.
The following principles apply to attendance at pre-school:
• Staff and children should not attend if they have symptoms.
• Staff, children, and their families are expected to follow official advice regarding reducing spread and staying safe. Failure to do so, may result in staff or children being refused entry to pre-school
• Protective measures will be put in place for staff and children, as far as it is possible, to ensure that the risk of transmission is reduced.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment directly addressing the risks associated with Coronavirus has been completed to assess the controls needed to protect staff and children. Our risk assessment addresses the safe care of our group of children, consistency in staffing arrangements and the statutory requirements laid out in the EYFS.